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Everything You Need To Know About Rose Quartz

In early mythology, rose quartz was thought by Egyptians to be a stone of youth, helping to prevent wrinkles and the effects of aging. Greek and Roman civilizations used the stones in talismans as a symbol of power and ownership, and in ancient myths, the stone is said to have received its color from the blood of Aphrodite trying to save her dying lover, Adonis.


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Our Customers

  • Very Pleased! Recently received my 925 necklace and it was just as described on the website. I have received several compliments! Delivery was just a few days after I placed the order and it was very nicely packaged. I will definitely use this site again when shopping for gifts for others and for myself!
    - Melody H.
  • Highly Recommended- Will definitely be purchasing again! I ordered the Amber Warmth necklace on Friday and received today- talk about attentive customer service! I am incredibly happy and satisfied with my purchase, and am very impressed by the quality of the necklace that I received as well. The sterling silver of the pendant is very eye-catching, the amber stones are cloud free and a brilliant shade, and the chain is very sturdy and comfortable on the neck. I have purchased similar amber pieces in the past, and this is by far my new favorite in my collection. My husband and I will be attending a wedding next month and I purchased this piece because it is the perfect addition to my outfit. I hope I don't outshine the bride! Thank you so much to 925 Creations!
    - Cassandra S.
  • Best gift! - My mom bought this for me and I love it! The stones are a pretty color of pink and not too bold. And it fits well to my small hand since it’s adjustable. My friends saw me wearing it and wanted to see where they could get one! Thank you for this beautiful bracelet!
    - Mackenzie J.
  • Perfect - I have been searching for a small, yet effective purse for a long time. This is it. I love the multiple compartments and that there’s a zipper for them all. It’s large enough for all my necessities, yet small enough to grab on the go. And the white is pretty and matches any outfit or occasion. So glad I have this new addition to my collection!! Thank you!
    - Sheri M.
  • Perfect! - I got this purse as a gift. I love it! I am 16 and I don’t like to have large things to carry. It fits my keys, my wallet, my lip gloss and a few more things I like to have with me all the time. I really like the color. It’s so pretty yet seems to always match what I’m wearing and it’s not too bright. Finally it’s great to be able to throw into my bag at school. This is definitely going to be my go-to purse for a long time!
    - Madison A.
  • Love my purse! - I love my new Katie Q purse it is just the right size and I love the compartments. Ordering was easy and delivery was just a few days.
    - Karen H.
  • Beautiful necklace! - I am so happy with this necklace! It’s beautiful, goes with just about everything and I love the rainbow stone! Would recommend this necklace to anyone looking for a unique but versatile piece!
    - Kelcie S.
  • Amazing Purse - I love this purse! It’s so perfect for everything! The three storage compartments are ideal, because let’s face it girls we carry a lot of stuff. The fact that I can wear it as a cross body purse throughout the day and then change it to a wristlet for a night out is perfect for my busy schedule. Shipping was awesome! It shipped next day after I placed the order and was at my door step two days later. Can’t wait for my next order!
    - Alexis B.

Creating Memories

Why Receiving Jewelry As A Gift Makes For Lasting Memories

Unlike your favorite dress or killer pair of pumps, you can wear your new bracelet or necklace every single day.  Us girls often develop attachments to a single piece and connect with certain stones that surface or bring back happy feelings.  Being able to snag your pendant from your vanity every day, proudly wearing it through important work meetings, family events, or elegant outings, floods back the memorable feelings of that very day you opened that pretty box, and those special people that you received it from.  

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Your Rainbow Moonstone

Understanding and Wearing Your Rainbow Moonstone

Rainbow moonstone typically presents as a cream-colored or translucent stone with a blue or multi-colored glow, and displays beautifully mixed with every form of jewelry, from large pendant necklaces to small bracelets, rings, and earrings.  Wear rainbow moonstones with a solid blue top and white pants to bounce with the stone’s hidden sheens, or pair with darker colors to make your moonstone stand on its own.  The stone’s unique properties make it an elegant go-to for evening wear, or a solution to intensify a dull-feeling look.


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