Everything You Need To Know About Rose Quartz

by Morgan Sliff


Rose quartz, or the “love stone” is found in abundance nestled between crystalized granite—pegmatites—or stored away in hydrothermal veins. The name of the stone is easily discerned from its stunning, contrasting hues, ranging from pale ivory to deep pink with larger stones embodying the deepest of rosy tones. A few special categories set apart stones like strawberry rose quartz, and there are rare classifications that exhibit an orange sheen.


The pretty, feminine hues of rose quartz and its romantic undertones have made it a popular wearable gemstone. Best adorned as a large pendant, ravishing earrings, or charm-laden bracelets, adding rose quartz to your regular jewelry regimen or an evening stroll out smooths over attire, giving subtle, creamy undertones of elegance and a delicate, refined mood.


In early mythology, rose quartz was thought by Egyptians to be a stone of youth, helping to prevent wrinkles and the effects of aging. Greek and Roman civilizations used the stones in talismans as a symbol of power and ownership, and in ancient myths, the stone is said to have received its color from the blood of Aphrodite trying to save her dying lover, Adonis.

In modern beliefs, rose quartz is said to be a lovers’ stone. A sidekick of the hopeless romantic, rose quartz lets negativity flow out and compassion enter, pulling emotional health, complacency, warmth, and love into your life. Known to calm and even out moods, rose quartz is the perfect stone to wear close to your heart as a soothing ally.

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