Spring and Summer Fashion: Accessorizing With Purses and Jewelry

by Morgan Sliff


Winter weather coincides with piling on heaps of layers, heavy fleeces, and bulky shawls and gloves to curb wintertime goosebumps and keep you snug.  But with spring and summer come sunny rays—layers begin to fall, attire lightens up, and your hidden skin finally emerges to soak up long-desired daylight, accompanied by a pretty sundress that’s been aching to break out of the depths of your closet.   


The absence of scarves, beanies, and mittens means it’s finally time to slip into chic warm-weather accessories and partner your look with some mindful ensemble accomplices.  Re-vamp your closet and jewelry stand with suggestions below, and approach 2018 spring and summer fashion with the trimmings of an accessory queen.


Shimmer With Bold Necklaces


On the warm-weather accessory spectrum, every woman’s go-to is a bold, noteworthy necklace.  Whether it’s showy décor like a statement necklace, a simple, understated chain, or long-chained adornments like elegant stone-encrusted pendants, the perfect outfit begins with a perfect necklace.


Tip:   Your hair is a big determining factor in how your necklace will look.  Tie it up to make it more of a centerpiece, or let it fall to blend your necklace better.  Pendants or chains with exotic, bright gemstones are best worn in conjunction with other similar-colored accessories, like sandals or a matching purse—making your gems appear even more striking.


Try our fave – the Rose Quartz Cotton Candy.


Don’t Forget Your Purse


Totes, clutches, and wristlets oh my—spring and summer is the time to travel light and add splashes of color with a vibrant purse.  Keeping three or more dynamic purses in reserve is an ideal amount to transition between, especially if your purses bounce well between outfits, or if specific handbags are strategically matched with a preferred pair of shoes or earrings.


Tip:  Try housing a variation of purses in light blue or pink pastels, eye-catching orange-mango, and a standard sleek white or black piece to purpose for any occasion.  Your purse can be equally as important as your outfit, and you’ll notice that interchanging your totes gives your garb a completely different feel.


See some of our favorites from Katie Q here.


Complete Your Look With Eloquent Bracelets


A striking bracelet is the perfect addition to enhance a bare spring and summertime arm, and shouldn’t be left out of your accessory quota.  Bracelets can be layered up the wrist or worn as a single, dainty fixture, and are the best finishing touch to your day’s ensemble.


Tip:  Try opposing swatches of exciting colors with different bracelet variations on one arm and a watch on the other.  Additionally, a single bold ornament with one or two colors keeps a minimalist, striking tone that is pleasing to the eye.


Find our selection of hand-crafted bracelets here.


Accessories can be the building blocks of your spring and summer outfits, but you don’t always need to use accessories to complement your day’s outfit—rather, you can use your attire to accentuate your favorite accessories.  Pick your accessories first, then select the best ensemble to highlight your stunning accouterments.


Some final thoughts:  Be sure to complete your look with a sleek pair of glasses, and keep well-stocked with sandals and wedges.  Throw in a bright hair wrap, and don’t forget to mix up the earrings—especially when your hair is up.



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