Understanding and Wearing Your Rainbow Moonstone

by Morgan Sliff


Rainbow moonstone, or in its less romantic denomination, Labradorite, is a highly coveted gemstone with a dreamy, cream-like demeanor that makes you appear as if you’re donning a moving, translucent cloud sheltering bursts of colors.


Labradorite carries with it a baffling property of labradorescence, but of all the pretty labradorites, rainbow moonstone in particular has an added intriguing characteristic of audalarescence.  The two properties together make light scatter in many different directions, giving rainbow moonstones a glowing, mystical display. 


During formation, different feldspars cool in alternating layers, and instead of producing an iridescence—a shiny surface more commonly observed on your average stone—it appears the stone is actually shining from the inside.


Rainbow moonstone typically presents as a cream-colored or translucent stone with a blue or multi-colored glow, and displays beautifully mixed with every form of jewelry, from large pendant necklaces to small bracelets, rings, and earrings.  Wear rainbow moonstones with a solid blue top and white pants to bounce with the stone’s hidden sheens, or pair with darker colors to make your moonstone stand on its own.  The stone’s unique properties make it an elegant go-to for evening wear, or a solution to intensify a dull-feeling look.


In the world of gemstones and crystology, rainbow moonstone is said to hold emotional balance and heaps of feminine power.  Wear your stones while you meditate to smooth yourself out and clear any negativity from your day.  Find our selection of rainbow moonstone jewelry here.

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