Why choose PU vegan leather?

by Morgan Sliff


It can take us girls hours of scrolling and wandering through aisles to find a quality purse, but aiming to discover a unique bag that checks all the style boxes and is ethically responsible can seem like trying to find a unicorn.  Luckily, we found the entire herd.


925 Creations’ colorful assortment of purses, crafted by Katie Q, a fashion-forward New York handbag designer, are not only chic, stylish, and durable—they’re PU vegan leather and cruelty-free.


PU leather can be separated into a few different categories boasting fancy language that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s not made from animals—when buying PU leather products, there’s still a chance you’re purchasing an item with leather backing, making things confusing for consumers.  But buying products that are specifically PU vegan leather tosses out complications and ensures you’re purchasing a product that’s both kinder to animals and more environmentally friendly than leather or PU leather. PU vegan leather also is highly breathable, less toxic, more biodegradable, and production produces fewer emissions than leather or other vegan leather alternatives.


The stylish diversity of PU vegan leather material makes for purses with a beautiful patina that’s perfect for any climate—sunny beach days or cold city saunters. And they’re not just pretty, they’re smart. Apart from swapping out playful colors and matching your vegan leather purse to your favorite pair of pumps, mindful organization is everything when it comes to a well-stocked purse. Katie Q wristlets, clutches, and larger handbags have compartments made for every little female equipage, and are a powerful asset when it comes to organizing the many effects hanging off our shoulders.


It’s easy to give up your endless purse search and cave for a lower caliber bag.  But Katie Q makes your choice easy with affordable pricing, high quality, and animal-friendly handbags.


 Katie Q Purse Collection


925 creations was founded by Stacey and boasts handcrafted, high-quality sterling silver jewelry with affordable pricing.  Each gemstone has their own story, and each unique adornment is a perfect addition to any outfit.          

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