Why Receiving Jewelry As A Gift Makes For Lasting Memories

by Morgan Sliff


Receiving a gift is an exciting affair, especially when those gifts are personal, long-lasting, and come bearing an emotional connection—added points when they’re housed in a pretty little box with a noteworthy glitter-bow. 


Gift cards are a sweet gesture, a new blanket will keep you warm, and bulk-packs of cozy socks are always a must-have—but when that gift is a memorable, tenacious, beautiful piece of jewelry, the little gift resting in your hand becomes something to cherish for years to come.


Finally dismantling that box and experiencing the joy of colorful gemstones or a charming bracelet marks the start of a new beginning.  Whether from a family member or friend for a special occasion, from a lover for Valentine’s day, or as a gift to yourself for a difficult week of hard work, a good piece of jewelry becomes an extension of yourself, a special treasure that you can find comfort in as your daytime accomplice. 


Unlike your favorite dress or killer pair of pumps, you can wear your new bracelet or necklace every single day.  Us girls often develop attachments to a single piece and connect with certain stones that surface or bring back happy feelings.  Being able to snag your pendant from your vanity every day, proudly wearing it through important work meetings, family events, or elegant outings, floods back the memorable feelings of that very day you opened that pretty box, and those special people that you received it from.



Looking for the perfect gift to create some lasting memories? 925 creations was founded by Stacey and boasts handcrafted, high-quality sterling silver jewelry with affordable pricing.  Each gemstone has their own story, and each unique adornment is a perfect addition to any outfit.


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